Node.js for Beginners - Become a Node js Developer + Project

Build an Amazing CMS system - Using Express + MongoDB + Bootstrap - Handlebars + Authentication + AJAX + Deployment

What you'll learn

  • To build Amazing NodeJS applications like the CMS we build here using Express, MongoDB and more

  • To deploy Nodejs Apps on the Cloud

  • To create Login and Registration system using NodeJS

  • To use Mongoose (ODM) - very similar to ORM

  • To create custom events

  • To import and export data

  • To use the Express FrameWork

  • To handle HTTP requests

  • To deal with Files

  • To use WebSockets - (Chat application)

  • To use PassportJS a module to login to Facebook, Twitter, Google and more

  • To use Template Engines like Handlebars

  • And LOTS more.......


  • Some Javascript is needed to learn NodeJs

  • Some HTML is needed for this course

  • Description

    I don't know about you,but regular classes bore me, and that is why on this Node.js course we make it fun to learn LOTS of cool things. This course is meant for total beginners in the NodeJs world. 


    This is course is for you if..................

    You are total beginner to NodeJs

    You are looking for a better career

    You are looking to UP your salary as developer

    You have tried to learn NODE,js before and it was too hard - I make this EASY!

    You are trying to get into the Angular World

    You want to become a great Web Developer with a lot of success

    You just need to make some serious income as developer 


    What is NODEjs or Node.js ? 

    First of all let me just say that Node.js is the most popular technology right now, and it's REPO website is the biggest in the WORLD, now let's begin......

    Some of us call it Node.js, NODE, or just NodeJs but they all mean the same thing. NodeJs is a runtime to use JavaScript on servers. A runtime acts like a middle-man and in this case NodeJs is helping us use Javascript to handle system processes, files and even databases. NodeJs is written in C++ which is a powerful high level programming language that does LOTS of cool things.


Nilesh Borkar

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₹ 1 ₹ 1

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7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

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