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No matter which type of ecommerce site you plan to build, the first thing you need is an ecommerce platform to help you create the best ecommerce store. There are three main types of ecommerce platforms on the market: Open-source. SaaS. Headless commerce. Each of them provides you with a toolkit for creating an online store: page builder, checkout page, payment gateway integrations, and more. The difference between those ecommerce platforms lies in the levels of: Customization. Performance. In-built feature set. Flexibility. SaaS platforms offer an out-of-the-box ecommerce store design experience. You can design a store using a drag-and-drop visual editor in several hours, though the tradeoff is limited customization and incapacity to add custom features. Open source platforms are like a blank canvas that, with enough time and effort, can be turned into any kind of ecommerce website. However, you are creating everything from scratch, which means having a coder and a designer on call. Headless commerce platforms are built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to create differentiated shopping experiences anywhere, with a powerful commerce engine on the backend. Unlike other ecommerce options, with headless commerce, the frontend is separated from the backend, allowing you to change your platform at any time. However, a more complicated process does come with additional systems needed.




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